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Tony Powers: Home

I fear that my meager satire can in no way ever approach the dizzying heights of absurdity that is the Human Condition.

Still... One. Must. Try. -- tony powers


Hi...Thanks for clicking on. I hope you enjoy the songs on my new CD "WHO COULD IMAGINE"...Available now thru CDBaby. Just click on LINKS (on the left side of this page) or go directly to CD Baby to listen to some samples and/or purchase it...

Also, ALL MY MUSICFILMS, including the recently released "HOW DO YA", which is the first track of the CD, and "DON'T NOBODY MOVE (This is a Heist) the 4th track, can now be accessed by clicking on LINKS, (as well as my other VIDEOS, (and a couple of YouTube fans re-edits and mash-ups)

First, there's some INFO ABOUT ME in the BIO section, along with my complete DISCOGRAPHY. The NEWS section contains the LINE-UP OF MUSICIANS on the new CD, and some inside stuff about the making of "Heist".. and there's even a more complete listing - some stuff I never even knew about- at ALLMUSIC.COM - just search Tony Powers in the ARTIST box and then click on CREDITS at the top) And, if you want, you can read some REVIEWS of my work by clicking on the link PRESS.

Also, there are links to INTERVIEWS, and scrolling down below all of those, many of my SINGLES HITS and RECORDS that have been put on YouTube by viewers. My FILM/TV ACTING CREDITS can also be seen at LINKS as well...

If you care to check out the LYRICS on "WHO COULD IMAGINE they're here for you to read--just click on MUSIC also in the column to your left -- and then the song title.

Enjoy...and check in every now and then for what's new. tp